mudra hand wearing beads

What are Mudras and How Can They Help Your Practice?

Even if you are unfamiliar with the term, you have probably seen people using mudras to aid their conscious practice. Whether it be Yoga, meditation or other forms of mindfulness methods, mudras are used to enhance your experiences.

A mudra is the specific positioning of the hands. Your hands and fingers are curled, crossed, stretched or connected into various shapes and forms.

The way you position your hands and fingers represent various mudras, which bring about changes to the energy in your body. This is done with the help of the 5 elements and their influence of your body parts; thumb – Fire, index finger – Air, middle finger – Ether, ring finger – Earth and little finger – Water.

Why Do We Use Mudras?

Mudras work to alter our energetic practices, experiences and connections. The placement of the hands and fingers in each mudra guides the flow of energy in specific ways through the body and mind. It forms a physical seal to ensure the continuation and expansion of energy throughout your entire being.

Each mudra is unique and brings with it its own characteristics and impressions. This can mean Mudras do not only act to connect energy but can also act to free and release energy where needed.

With enhanced energy connection comes deep healing. Mudras work to unite the entire body, allowing energy to penetrate deep into the physical, mental and spiritual layers. In combination with breathing, meditation and sound healing practices, mudras can have a profoundly enlightening effect.

Mudras You Can Try

Anjali Mudra

An expression of deep respect and gratitude for Self and others, the Anjali Mudra encourages energetic experiences charged with love. It connects the left and the right side of the body, allowing our masculine and feminine energies to engage and flow harmoniously within.

Although usually used at the beginning and end of yoga classes, Anjali Mudra can support any mindful practice.

To form the Anjali Mudra, place your flat palms together. Being your connected hands in toward your heart space. Apply light pressure to stimulate energetic flow through the hands and fingers.

Jnana Mudra

Jnana Mudra is the mudra of knowledge. It stimulates the body and mind to energetically open and to invite in and receive divine energy.

By uniting individual and collective energy, the Jnana Mudra supports the connection with something greater than ourselves alone. It allows us to access, experience and contribute to the universal consciousness.

To form the Jnana Mudra, turn your hand over so your palm is facing up. Curl the index finger down so its tip comes into contact with the tip of the thumb.

As with the Anjali Mudra, exert subtle pressure to further stimulate the flow of energy through the fingers, hands, arms and onwards through your entire body. If your fingertips are turning white you are pressing too hard. Release slightly and ensure your finger and hand placement remains comfortable.

Ignite Your Practice

Add the Anjali Mudra and Jnana Mudra to your current practice. Sit peacefully with these mudras to bring greater energy into your conscious methods. They will go on to boost your energetic well being, nourish your connection with your true Self and provide a deeper sense of living.