The Non-Physical Benefits Of Yoga

The problem with yoga is that we often spend too much time thinking about the physical benefits.

Sure it’s great to start building abs and feel refreshed and flexible…

But sometimes it is important to think about the non-physical benefits of yoga. Yoga is one of the most thought cleansing and emotionally stabling exercises you can have in your life.

If you’re new to yoga or are wondering how yoga can help you we’ve complied a list of our favourite non-physical benefits of yoga:

#1. Increases body awareness… which builds body confidence

The movements in yoga practice are designed to bring awareness to areas of your body that suffer stresses. Being aware of how your body functions and where you need attention helps you to understand how your body works.

You find that the more you know about your body, the more you love it. Those broad shoulders you used to hate become your supporting beam, those thighs you used to hide become your anchor to ground you and you’ll realise that your body was created for you to use.

#2. Improves mental health

Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and provide a different focus for a worried mind. Many yoga students find that regular practices help them to deal with issues and low moods. If you are suffering from depression yoga can become a great outlet. It’s an amazing way to push yourself and your body in a safe and relaxed environment.

#3. Teaches patience

In the modern world patience is a virtue. The world moves so fast nobody appreciates the power of a minute. But yoga teaches that every moment has a purpose. Even the minutes you spend seemingly at rest during a yoga class have a time and a place.

#4. Provides focus

For some of us focusing on one thing can be hard. Women especially are programmed into believing that multi tasking is the goal.

The meditative thinking of yoga practice requires focus. Teaching yourself to focus solely on a meditative state helps to prioritise your thinking and stop your mind from wandering.

If you are one of those ‘oh look a butterfly’ kind of people or someone who gives up easily yoga can help you to consider your own potential.

#5. Improves memory

Studies have shown that regular yoga sessions boost brain function due to the amount of oxygen that gets moved around your body as you stretch. One of the most underrated functions of our brain is our memories.

Yoga practice can aid memory function and focus your thinking for an all round sharper mind.

#6. Calms anger and aggression

The meditative breathing exercises taught in yoga to focus and clear the mind can also be used to calm angry emotions.

People who suffer from anger often feel that they have something bubbling up inside them. Practising meditation is a way to control mood swings and stop that something from bubbling over.

#7. Breaks boredom cycles

It’s a myth that only boring people get bored..

People who aren’t in control of their minds get bored.

Yoga teaches how to harness and control negative thinking patterns that overstimulate or dull the mind. If you have a very busy life and feel you can’t sit still yoga can help you to slow things down.

#8 Improves concentration

Good yoga practice is about concentrating on the physical and mental movements you are making.

You’ll find as your yoga journey progresses your concentration improves. This is because slowly you start incorporating what you learnt in yoga class into your everyday life.

If you take away the meditation teachings and use them you will find you mind is in a much better concentrating state.

#9. Creates balance in the mind

The calming influence of yoga study helps students to achieve a state of balance in their emotional lives.

For students who suffer from mood swings or stress and anxiety yoga can be extremely helpful. Some find that yoga is a way to release stresses and indulge in a bit of ‘me time’ for the mind.

#10. Challenges your mind and yourself

If you’re a negative thinker, if your glass is always half empty and you know for sure there’s no way you’ll ever be able to do that thing you wanted to do becau-… Stop thinking and try yoga…

Making challenges for yourself in yoga class is a great way to map your goals and achievements. For some students yoga is the first stepping stone for making changes in other areas of their lives.

Obviously everyone’s experiences of yoga are different and you may find that you get extra benefits from yoga practice.

Please feel free to leave your questions or experiences in the comments below…