Purpose: The Power Of A Yoga Studio


Purpose. Humans can spend years of their lives searching for it. This invisible and elusive power is what drives people in the world. It is what makes the world go round. It is the cogs deep within the evolutionary machine.

People are not the only things to have purpose. Inanimate objects and places can even embody a sense of purpose. The yoga studio is one of these unique places.

A Powerful Place

Joining us in the yoga studio enhances your complete experience of the yogic way of life. You go to the market for fruit, the dentist for your teeth and the salon for your hair. But, you don’t just go to a yoga studio for the physical aspects of yoga. You go because it benefits the health of your whole Self; body, mind and soul.

This is the purpose of the yoga studio. It nourishes you completely. You can feel it’s purpose as you interact within its space. You feel its impact on a holistic level. The room, to the vibe, the people and the experience. The yoga studio is a place where you can allow true healing through all levels of your being.

Asana Is Only One Aspect

Differing from a gym, the main goal in a yoga studio is so much more that just your physical practice. Although the asanas themselves bring you physical health benefits, they are indeed a gateway. Once unlocked your practice can take you deep within to explore your true Self. Here you can release emotional tension that does not serve you. Here is where you can experience deep holistic healing.

A teacher’s purpose is to teach. A yoga teacher shows you the way, guiding you through your practice and helping you develop your emotional intelligence. These instructors have engaged in hundreds of hours of study and training into the history, philosophy, deeper emotional aspects and physics of yoga. Additionally they have spent months, if not years, immersing themselves in their own personal practice. They are the people who can teach you how to heal your own body, mind and soul.

People and Places

The combination of the place and the people is what gives a yoga studio its purpose. Its purpose is to create an environment where yoga improves all aspects of your well being. From physical, emotional, spiritual and social, the studio is a place that enhances your overall health and happiness.