Release, Repair, Rejuvenate With Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga

If the name hasn’t given it away yet, restorative yoga restores your body. It actively repairs and rejuvenates you physically and mentally.

If you’ve ever come to the end of the week feeling absolutely exhausted, not even knowing how you got through the blur of work and daily demands, then this style of yoga is for you.

On the other hand if you’re feeling fine, going about your relatively normal days and weeks without experiencing too much stress or pressure, then restorative yoga is also a perfect match for you!


Because restorative yoga is for everyone. This peaceful, supportive style of yoga helps to bring balance to the body through healing, as well as assisting those aiming to maintain a high quality of health.

So what is restorative yoga and why is it so beneficial for all types of people?

A restorative yoga class consists of less poses than other yoga classes such as vinyasa or hatha. The poses are considered light and gentle, and they rely heavily on props. Supporting your body with lots of blocks, blankets, bolsters and pillows allows you to completely relax your body and your mind. You remain in these blissfully supportive postures anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.


The benefits of restorative yoga are infinite. First and foremost this style of yoga lets you rest. It is not only those who are swept up in their busy lives that do not receive adequate rest; many people who consider their lives less busy and stress-free are still not providing their bodies with beneficial rest.

This is often because many believe rest is the same as sleep. Sleeping is actually a time where your mind is quite active and your body is busily shutting down and rebooting its systems for a new day. Pure rest that your experience in restorative yoga allows both your body and mind to have a break and focus on deep healing.

Allowing yourself to experience this pure state of rest provides extensive health benefits. Restorative yoga not only works to enhance your health, but to undo damage that already exists from previous stressors in your life.

Improved Health

This relaxing form of yoga greatly enhances the efficiency of cellular repair in your body’s tissues, including your skin, muscles, organs, bones and eyes. It allows your nervous system to rejuvenate which provides you with more energy and vitality. Restorative yoga relaxes your muscles, lowers your heart rate, regulates your hormone levels and promotes better sleep.

A notable result from actively resting in a restorative yoga class is improved mental health. You will feel a great sense of calm that carries you into a state of mindful awareness. Restorative yoga literally lets you slow the world down. It allows you to put aside your day to be with yourself, to practice self investigation and attend to your deep emotions. A restorative class lets you feel nurtured and loved.

Sunday Restorative Class

Yoga Harmony has a restorative class every Sunday, so come and rest your body over comfortable bolsters and blankets, get a good stretch and help your body to rejuvenate itself. It is a perfect way to finish the week and prepare for the new week ahead. See you there!