Is It Safe To Practice Yoga When Pregnant?

Yoga involves a lot of bending body movements, so it’s only normal to ask if this is advisable for pregnant women. Well, the short answer is yes – Yoga is safe for women who are expecting a baby. Some experts are even encouraging it. But, as well as the benefits, there are some important things you should be aware of.

The first thing yoga teaches is breathing technique.  Pregnant women could practice this prior to labour. This process alone could prepare her for the whole endeavour of childbirth. Learning how to breathe and just relax are two things that a pregnant woman needs during the nine months of carrying a baby.

Even after giving birth, yoga is best continued because it relieves the physical and emotional stress anyone could experience with motherhood. But let’s continue to focus on prenatal yoga for now…

Before Signing Up For Prenatal Yoga

Although prenatal yoga is highly recommended, there are precautions that expecting mothers should be aware of before attending this class. Women who have been going to a regular yoga class should inform the instructor of their current condition as soon as possible – please do not wait until 12-weeks (our instructors will hold your condition highly confidential of course.) Not all yoga poses and practices are applicable to pregnant women. 

It is also best to inform the yoga instructor where you at with your pregnancy – the trimester are you in. This will give the instructor an idea, as to the poses you are allowed to make that would actually benefit your situation and not strain you.

The First and Second Trimester of Pregnancy and Its Relation to Yoga

During the first trimester, back poses are prohibited for pregnant women because it could hinder the blood flow going to the uterus. It is not good because the unborn baby won’t be able to get the right amount of oxygen needed if this happens. 

There are certain poses also known as asanas that pregnant women should completely stay out of. Pretty much anything that requires the muscles to be pulled or stretched so hard is not a good idea. This activity could strain and injure you because pregnancy hormones soften connective tissue.

Women who are in their second trimester can do certain standing asanas. You can do it by using your heel to the wall or you could also use a chair to support your whole body and maintain balance. Never do it without anything that you know could support your entire body. Keep in mind that you have a baby inside who is affected by all the stretching that your body will perform.

As a conclusion, yes yoga is healthy for pregnant women but one must only do it with the right poses at the right time.

We highly recommend those of you who are pregnant only do yoga when supervised by one of our instructors who is fully aware of your condition.

We do not recommend you practice yoga at home during this time unless you are 100% sure what you’re doing.