Yin Yoga: Discover True Balance And Feel Vibrant Again


Yin yoga is one of the more modern yoga practices derived from traditions of Ancient Chinese Taoism. The philosophies and understandings of Taoism lie in understanding the life force of all beings. It governs a gentle quest into the souls of living things to find their true nature, including a human’s inner self.

Yin yoga portrays this wholeheartedly. Although Taoism and the ancient Indian yoga traditions have included floor-based yin style asanas for centuries, Yin yoga came into being in the 1970’s with the guidance of Paulie Zink.

Paulie Zink was learning Taoist Chi Kung under the teachings of Master Cho Chat Ling. Chi Kung is an ancient form of martial arts that cultivates energy and draws on aspects of the physical body via conditioning and deep stretching. Paulie developed a deep physical and spiritual connection with this craft. From this he fostered a practice that combines movement of the body, meditation and perceptions based around the primal life force energy. Thus Yin yoga was born.

The Physical Practice Of Yin Yoga

Yin yoga asanas differ from other forms of yoga such as Vinyasa and Hatha because they are mostly grounded poses. These calming floor-based asanas work to open the body. Once in the asana you remain still, engaged in a mindful or active meditative state, for anywhere from 3 – 10 mins depending on the pose.

Qi (pronounced ‘chi’) is the term for the energy force ancient Chinese practices such Kung Fu, Acupuncture and Chi Kung cultivate. Prana is the term used for the same source of life energy in traditional Indian yoga forms. Yin yoga works to move Qi through the body. This happens via a system of channels known as meridians.

Yin tissues in the body, including connective tissues, ligaments, bones and fascia, are dense. Their yin-like qualities differ from our forceful, active and energetic yang muscles. Our yin tissues reside deep within our bodies, providing our joints and tissue structures strength and stability.

In Yin yoga, the longer amount of time within the poses allows the stretch to move from the muscles into our dense yin tissues. This releases and promotes the greater flow of Qi to bring about greater physical health and metaphysical nourishment to the body and mind as a whole.

The Yin and Yang Concept

Yin yoga draws upon understandings of Eastern medicine and philosophy; there are five elements (earth, metal, water, wood and fire) that work in harmony to establish the energy that allows our world and the life within it to exist and function.

Yin and yang are opposite energies. They include everything that creates the balance of a whole entity. This concept represents all of life. It exists in the complementary pieces of ourselves. This Yin and Yang relationship of force is what allows all things to come into being.

There cannot be one without the other. Hot, cold. Light, dark. Happy, sad. From simple to extremely complex opposites, our universe functions on this principle. This concept on which Yin yoga grows is evident in all things. It is the vibration of the universe. It is the combining of balancing energies needed for the universe to take shape, exist and evolve.

We Need It In Our Modern Lives

It is the transformational qualities of Yin yoga that is making it a necessity for people living in this fast-paced modern world. The modern lifestyle is so extremely off-balance that illness and injury to the mind and body is prominent and progressing.

The unhealthy symptoms cause by the overload of extreme yang qualities in life, such as being over worked, pressured, worried, depressed and stressed, can be treated simply by the opposite. You can matching the Yang with the Yin to find that peace, that balance, that healthy and happy bliss that is the universe in it’s natural and even state.

Nature will create balance. If you won’t stop, balance within the universe will eventually stop you. Too much energy output and self neglect may gift you with an illness or condition that will stop you in your tracks and force you to rest.

Establish your own healthy balance. Explore the amazing world of Yin yoga. Find your level of peace and experience the harmonious world as it was meant to be.