Why So Many Men Are Taking Up Yoga

Studies show that last year only 15% of yoga students in Australia were men…

Now that statistic looks set to change as recently more and more men are realising just how amazing yoga is, picking up their mats and heading down to their yoga studio.

This is great news as yoga has been regarded as a ‘woman’s world’ for far too long..

Think of all the yoga advertisements you see and how yoga is portrayed in the media…

Nine out of ten representations of yoga will use that same old, tired, stock image of a pretty girl stretching in leggings.

Interestingly yoga was never actually intended for women…

In India yoga was created by men and designed exclusively for men.

It was only really when yoga became westernized that women got involved and this is more to do with the way our mass media markets exercise than anything else.

Now we are starting to see yoga in a much better light and most students are realising that yoga is not reserved for either gender.

Yoga is for everyone regardless of your gender, age or body type.

For men in particular there are many health benefits for practising yoga.

If you’re thinking about starting yoga or you know a man who would value this advice…

Here are the benefits of yoga for men:

Physical benefits

The main physical benefit of yoga for men is how easy it is to build your strength.

Unlike traditional weight resistance exercises which are really tough on muscles, yoga works with your own natural resistance and slowly builds your strength from within.

Many men like to combine yoga with higher intensity work outs to provide balance for their bodies.

While traditional work outs strain and tire muscles yoga gives you time to recover and nourish those aching muscles.

Yoga is also really good for ensuring that your entire body is in good health as yoga does not focus on singular areas.

A yoga class always includes a variety of stretches and movements which cover all different parts of your body.

For men this is particularly beneficial as men are more likely to have areas that are hugely overworked and areas which receive no attention at all.

In yoga we also work on things that men often forget to focus on.

Most male yoga students find the focus on balance and flexibility really beneficial as it helps to correct posture and cure backaches.

Mental and Emotional benefits

It’s an unfortunate fact that men in general do not like to talk about their mental health as there is still a lot of social stigmas attached to it.

Yoga for men can be a great way of working through your issues and releasing mental tensions without having to sit down and talk to anyone.

A lot of men like to practice yoga as it give them a place to escape to and the tools to help them to calm their nerves or emotions when they need to.

The breathing exercises taught in yoga classes can be used in real life situations to help calm aggression of frustration.

And meditation is not restricted to yoga classes, it can be used at home when you’re looking for moments of peace in a busy schedule.

Yoga also helps to build concentration and focus. To practice yoga you must clear your mind of thoughts and focus on the movements you make and the breaths you are taking.

If you’re going through a stressful time or you are the kind of person who dwells on things yoga can really help you to clear out all the negative thoughts.

Obviously it may be slightly daunting for men starting yoga.

Most classes are still predominately female and as yoga is so different to other forms of exercise it can look quite intimidating…

There is worry though yoga classes accept all students and beginners yoga is much simpler than all the crazy poses you see on Instagram.

At Yoga Harmony we welcome everyone into our classes and if you need any advice we are always happy to answer any questions.

Let us know your thoughts on yoga for men in the comments below…