Yoga Is Not A Religion

People at times confuse Yoga as being a religion. Some might say that this is an easy mistake to make as yoga brings all the positive self-exploration, happiness and fulfilment that religion can bring.

However, yoga is not a religion. It is an ancient method. A practice that integrates the whole body, including the mind and Self. It is a philosophy, a way of living.

Not A Religion, But A Profound Practice

Yoga does have a profound effect. So much so it can cause a complete cultural change in some people. This is a compliment to how effective the yoga practice is at enhancing life and improving how we engage with our time on earth.

Everybody is different. Yoga brings about experiences that are fit for the individual who seeks it. No matter who you, in the end it is a practice that helps refine each individual human being…that is all it is. It is a pure connection with the most unique thing you can understand completely – yourself.

Cultural Confusion

The misinterpretation of yoga as a religion may stem from the rich history and ancient past of yoga’s development. Many ancient yogic texts can be seen as scriptures. These personal recounts are filled with wise advice shared with the current yogis as a way to guide you. These texts simply reveal knowledge from past yogis experiences, from which we can learn how to engage in this method completely, honestly and with the most positive outcomes.

Moral Motivation

Another factor that may cause people to incorrectly view yoga as a religion is the concepts of Yamas and Niyamas – or the moral codes. These are not concrete rules, but ideas designed to be used as measuring tools.

Anyone can apply Yamas and Niyamas to review their life. They help realign our true Selves with our actions and help decision making on a deeper level in order to bring out the best in yourself and others. They are simply a compass that helps us navigate our way to happiness.

Yoga Means To Come Together

The meaning of yoga is to join together, to link, to integrate, to connect. This does not mean you have to follow an external system or believe in any outside ideals. This is simply a means of connecting with yourself and connecting with life energy.

The nature of a yoga practice helps us to enter the physical and mental body. It is basically a way of developing and unlocking human potential. It is a method to take a closer look and engage inquisitively in life, specifically your life and real you deep inside.

Spiritual Side Effect

Yoga is such a popular practice because it is all-inclusive. It is a physical method, a philosophical approach to learning and a spiritual path that impacts you on all levels.

From the physical tissues in your body – the bones, muscles and organs – to the thoughts in your mind and the your personal spirit making connections in this world, yoga truly is a holistic approach to health. Yoga is the integration of body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga For All

It doesn’t matter if you practice a religion or not. Yoga is not an external system that overrides anybody’s beliefs. It is purely a process to discover life-enrichment. It is a practice of enhancing who you really are and ensuring you experience true health and honest happiness within yourself.