Reclaim your health –
Reclaim your power

My passion and purpose are to empower you to get back on track and take control of your health.

Using a holistic, integrative approach and a steps by step DESTRESS* protocol, I will help you rebalance your body and optimise your health.




Stress Reduction

Toxicity Removal

Rest (including sleep)

Emotional Balance

Supplementation (short & long term)

Success Mindset (ties it all together for optimal results)

*Destress Protocol® is a trademark of Cabral Research LLC.


Tatjana is practical but also realistic. Setting small achievable easy understanding lifestyle changes was important to get started with making change.


Tatjana is a passionate health mentor who genuinely cares about her clients and is generous with her time and knowledge. Her authentic, skilled, compassionate nature makes her an absolute joy to work with.


Tatjana is always coming from a place of integrity, judgement-free, heart space. Which made me feel comfortable and safe in her abilities to help nourish my mind, body and soul.


I feel so much better. Much lighter in all ways. More energy, better sleep, more resilience to stress, and less inflammation (and eczema). I have lost about 10 kg. It was never the primary goal, but it feels SO good.

As a certified Integrative Health Practitioner level 2, qualified Yoga and Pilates teacher and health enthusiast, I am here to teach you everything you need to overcome your health challenges, shift your mindset and transform your body and life.