I am SO happy with my new diet! I love all the New food I make. The colours, the tastes Everything just makes me feel happy! AND I feel so much better. Much lighter in all ways. More energy, better sleep, more resilience to stress, and less inflammation (and eczema). I have lost about 10 kg. It was never the primary goal, but it feels SO good. YAY.

Thank you from my heart for helping me, cheering me, pushing me, answering all my questions, and staying by my side while I was changing my life trajectory ❤

– Gro

Tatjana is a passionate health mentor who genuinely cares about her clients and is generous with her time and knowledge. Her authentic, skilled, compassionate nature makes her an absolute joy to work with.


I am now so knowledgeable about food and health. And I know if I fall off track, it’s ok because I know how to find my way back from experience I have had both with the detox program has done that twice and the three month CBO protocol to rebalance my gut.

Big thank you to Tatjana for all of your support and guidance. Without you, I couldn’t have gotten where I am on my health journey.

– Charlotte

Tatjana is practical but also realistic. Setting small achievable easy understanding lifestyle changes was important to get started with making change. Tatjana provided a list of healthy changes resulting from feedback from our discussion. This commenced with a 21-day detox and kickstarted new healthy choices in my life.

If you are thinking about lifestyle changes, reach out to Tatjana. Don’t hesitate as becoming healthy (and you don’t have to be an angel) can make a world of difference.

– Wade