I help with hormone balance, gut health & body transformation through Integrative Health without medication!

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Health & Happiness like never before!

  • More Energy  Avoid the 3 p.m. crash.
  • ​Mental Clarity – no more brain fog throughout the day.
  • Optimal Weight – achieve your dream body in a healthy & sustainable way.
  • Medication Free – holistic practices & supplements only!
“The future of health is here, and effective without the use of medication for much less of a cost than traditional health care. I recommend this to anyone who wants to eliminate their symptoms without the use of medication!”

– Tatjana, Integrative Health Practitioner


My Journey

On the outside, I always looked fairly healthy. But on the inside, there was a war going on.

I was frustrated with not understanding why I was feeling this way. That’s when I decided to take different actions and discover the underlying root causes. So I invested in my future health, became a certified integrative health practitioner and became my first best client. I feel so lucky to say that today I have:

Most importantly, I now know how to keep my body, health and mind optimized. And, it’s my goal to help you do the same.

The word on the street

Don't Take It From Me...

“{…} My gull bladder hit a breaking point and I would experience debilitating pain. {…} I now live drug free and pain free. I am living the life I’ve always wanted while I build the body I’ve always dreamed.”


“I feel sooo much better. Much lighter in all ways. More energy, better sleep, much more resilient to stress and thereby also much less inflammation (and eczema. I have lost about 10kg.”


“I have created so many healthy life changing habits that support me and my journey in life. I am so happy I made the decision to put my health first and I’m even more grateful I turned to Tatjana {…}.”


Introducing... Health Mastery Program!

What You Get:

Here's How It Works....

Step #1

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Step #2

Order your Functional Medicine Lab tests

Step #3

Start implementing bio-individualized health plan

Step #4

Have weekly calls & daily communication for support