I can’t wait to help you

I am Tatjana Luker

I became an Integrative Health Practitioner because I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my health despite my great efforts for an entire decade to be healthy.

I had chronic gut issues most of my life. My nervous system was in overdrive; I was underweight, undernourished, hanging on to life, trying to thrive as I barely survived.

I mainly ate clean organic foods, exercised regularly, practised Yoga and meditation, had massages acupuncture, saw naturopaths, did emotional release, followed the fodmap diet, intermitted fasting, and tried every other bio-hack I stumbled upon.


Yet, the older I got, the worse my symptoms became. I started to think it was just something I needed to live with for the rest of my life.


But as the stars aligned themselves one day, I came across Dr Cabral’s podcast. And for the first time, I became hopeful again, and things made absolute sense.

I realised how broken our “symptom treating” health care system was and understood why I couldn’t get well.

I began to learn that even though I lived by many so-called health labels, I was by no means embodied in my healthy life.

I decided then to make it my life mission to learn everything about root cause medicine, natural health, functional lab testing, Ayurveda to heal myself and help others.

Fast forward, I am HEALTHY, have no symptoms, do not take medications, my hair and my nails are stronger than there were in my twenties. My leaky gut is finally healed and sealed. I have no joint pain and an endless amount of energy again.

There is no magic pill, no latest trend to follow, no quick bio heck, just a slow but steady step-by-step process of detecting the root cause of the symptoms and having the right tools to rebalance the cause.

I am a multifaceted health practitioner, qualified in Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Functional Movement, Breathwork and Tantra. And I will support you on your individual journey to assist you in overcoming any physical and emotional challenges that are holding you back from living your best life.


I can’t wait to help you!